Pharaoh loved the pyramids. There was less enthusiasm from those who built and paid for them.


Traditional law firms are built upon the pyramid model. The top of the firm is narrow, consisting of the firm’s most experienced lawyers – the partners. Underneath the partners lies a much larger group of less experienced lawyers – the “associates.” The law firm must charge enough to cover the cost of this structure.


We optimize the work flow in client representations. We provide excellent legal services without shifting to clients the extremely high overhead cost of maintaining a large group of associate lawyers.  The majority of our attorneys are experienced attorneys capable of efficiently performing tasks for clients.


We also innovate in how we charge for and deliver our work to clients. We do not limit our practice to the traditional hourly model. Flat fee, contingency, hybrid, and other creative fee structures are tools we use to increase client satisfaction and value. Additionally, when desired, our clients have instant access to their case files in encrypted cloud storage available anytime, anywhere. No longer will clients need to save copies of documents.  We believe this is the practice of law as it should be – adaptive, flexible, and harnessing technology.


We know that it is in our long term interest to maximize efficiency – not short term revenue. This is because we prefer long term client relationships over “one off” representations.


We believe that long term lawyer-client relationships will only occur by providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation in the most efficient manner possible.